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Green Energy Turbines


As a Company Bog Busters is committed to becoming more and more sustainable, all of our new Custom made Facilities are made using Environmentally friendly RECYCLED plastic panels.

This allows us to get away from the need of using more polluting HGV vehicles, instead using less polluting smaller vehicles reducing our carbon footprint.


The majority of our Toilets are powered by our Eco friendly silent Battery generators powering all lights water pumps and heating,

For hot running water a generator will be required for a short period, The majority of our Toilets are fitted with solar panels to help charge the battery’s,

some even having the ability to recycle the sink water to flush the toilets.


Why use more polluting HGV’s and old Double Decker buses when you can use Our Diner Trailers that the panels are made from RECYCLED Plastic reducing the weight of the panels and the trailer, allowing us to use smaller More environmentally friendly vehicles to move them around,

With our dining trailers you have the ability to either use our Honda Low Emission generators fitted to the diner for the heavier power requirements OR you can go Totally Silent by using the in-built Eco friendly silent battery generator powering lights and heating.


Our hair/makeup unit is made Using RECYCLED plastic panels allowing us to Build it on a smaller less polluting vehicle, every effort has been made to reduce its carbon footprint from the lights to our inverter air con/heating units to running our Honda Low emission inverter technology generators.

Even our pod trailer is made by recycling a fridge body !

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