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School Room Trailers and Options

School Room Trailers (SR01, SR02, SR03) are extremely flexible as a Production Vehicle space, they are two door, divided rooms which can be used as pretty much anything from a Cast Holding Area, to a Meeting Room, an Additional Production Office or even Changing or Storage Trailer, the uses are endless for these heated and powered options when you don't want the cost or have the space to fit a of full size department trailer.     

Floor Plan - School Room Trailer - BBF

Key Points - Makeup Hair Section

Entrance doors at each end of the trailer - Open space with drop down work tops along main wall - Two thirds one third divided wall with double opening doors - Two fixed Mirrors and drop down work top within the one third end - 13 amp power sockets throughout - Fully heated - Opening windows for fresh air - Perfect addition On Location Space


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School Room Trailers - Great Space
Two Mirror Positions with a Holding Area
When All You Need Is Extra Space
Main School Room Trailer Space - BBF - B

School Room Trailers (SR01, SR02, SR03)

Overall Length 26.2 ft (7.99 m)

Overall Width 7.6 ft (2.32 m)

Weight Without Tow Vehicle 2.0 Ton

Can Be Dry Hired/ Cross Hired or Manned

New School Room Trailers Added (SR04,05,06,07)

2 with a sink included at each end and 2 with an open plan or central divide

Pictures and Specs to Follow!

Flexible Options to Suit You're Shooting Needs  

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